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How to create a new Gmail account? Gmail sign up Step-By-Step Guide

Google’s mail service provides all web based emails through The web based emails in Gmail, that means your messages and all emails are stored on the Internet or in the cloud network on your computer. it was first introduced in 2004, Gmail accounts are increasing day by day. All other accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL, and many more users are moving to Google’s services. Gmail account creating is an easy and quick process.

The Gmail account available to access all other Google products like Google Drive, Youtube, Google play, and Google plus. You can check your emails on multiple devices from anywhere in the world by just creating your Google account. After creating Google account for the number of users may visible to other applications. In this Google account, you can also set your profile by creating your profile as public accessibility. you can upload your photos in Google + when there is full storage in your computer.

Gmail sign up guide

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After click Next step, your’s verification code will send to your mobile to verify your gmail account. You have to take a photo from your computer or Google + profile for creation page. Google+ is a Google social Network and many more Google’s services are there.

You can choose your profile if you would like to add a picture to your account. This picture will visible to all other Gmail users when you send your mail’s to your friends or when you receive Email from you. you can add to your circles like friends or relatives. you can also save your contacts through Gmail account. you can also start chatting with your friends and video calling is free.

Features of Gmail - Google email:

Your Gmail account has been created. You can visit other sites which are Google service. If you are Google user you should automatically logged in any gmail site without entering any details.