Scientifically Proven Body Sculpting is Effective Without Risk

Feel confident about receiving Photobiomodulation (PBMT - Red Light) Therapy, knowing medical reviews have backed its safety.

Over its decades of use in the medical field, the positive results of PBMT have been under close review through several medical surveys to measure its safety and effectiveness for promoting patient health. Not only has this research determined the efficacy of phototherapy, but that there is little to no risk involved in the procedure if the right amount of light is used. One meta-analysis study was conducted to determine the efficacy of phototherapy in tissue repair and pain control. This study involved analyzing statistical data and medical literature. Overall, the data and information led to the conclusion that low-light laser therapy is impactful for treating issues related to tissue repair and pain control.

Some of the benefits discovered through the detailed research include:

Body Contouring (Sculpting) Therapy for Weight Loss

If you’re in a weight-loss rut, PBMT may be the right option to help you lose weight without fuss. If you live a generally healthy lifestyle but can’t seem to get rid of that excess pounds, phototherapy has been proven to boost your metabolism. Please note that Red Light Therapy weight-loss treatment will be most effective if you incorporate a nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise in your routine. This method works best as an extra measure, not one single solution.

Because PBMT stimulates your cell functioning, it can help your body burn fat more quickly. Some of the weight loss effects caused by low-light therapy include:

Learn More About Body Sculpting (Contouring)

Learn more about the benefits of Red Light Therapy for fat and weight loss and whether it’s the best solution for you.

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