Killing a Snake in a Dream

What is the meaning?
Written by: Javier Fuertes
As per my experience helping people to understand their dream over the last 5 years, dreaming of getting rid of a snake is always a shocking experience that the dreamer cannot forget easily.
Here I explain four of the most common meanings:
Killing a snake in a dream shows that you do not want to tolerate something or someone you dislike
A dream in which you kill a snake reveals that you are having a hard time dealing with a quite disturbing idea, a feeling or a thought; perhaps you are trying to regain your emotional balance or peace of mind.
It is also possible that you are not willing to endure a new situation in wake life and really want to stay away from it. In this case, the snake would be embodying someone you have a personal issue  with (such as an ex-boyfriend, a current co-worker, a supervisor or a family member) or something that you find completely unacceptable, disturbing or arbitrary, that’s why you really want to get rid of the snake in the dream.
You want to bury something from your past
This dream shows that the dreamer is having a thought, a memory or a doubt she really wants to deny or reject quite badly, putting a lot of effort into not thinking about it.
Perhaps she is hoping to forget something or someone from her past. However, the dream is revealing she is having issues trying to bury that “thing” and move on.
You are trying to remove something from your life
I agree with some dream interpretation authors who believe that some characters in a dream usually embody or represent aspects of the dreamer’s self (feelings,memories, ideas, vices).  I consider that in most cases the snake symbolizes a disturbing or harmful element inside us, and the act of killing the reptile in the dream means that we are eager to get rid of that negative aspect.
In fact, this dream could be displaying our latent desire to end with certain uncomfortable feelings, ideas or emotions. I have noticed in many cases that the dreamer genuinely wants to suppress her feelings towards an individual whose presence or influence is perturbing her in real life.
You are feeling you can overcome your current problems
Killing a snake in a dream may be showing that you are quite convinced that there is really a good chance to move forward in real life, you may feel you can overcome the obstacles in your way to achieve your most ambitious objectives. And this dream is -subtly- displaying a sudden recognition that your personal disputes or confrontations can be handled, maybe only now you are feeling ready or confident enough to face your personal fears or hurdles.
Why do we have dreams of killing a snake?
After having interpreted thousands of dreams over the last five years, I will indicate some personal situations that may be triggering this dream:
You may dream about killing snakes because: