Things You Must Keep In Mind When Renting Trade Show Displays

While preparing yourself for a trade show, there are two ways in which you can approach towards it. You may either choose to purchase one for yourself and design it or the better option i.e. rent it for the display. This a much better option as it saves you a lot of money, with apt representation of your brand. It also relieves you of the tension and stress that you will have to deal with if you do all the work by yourself.

There must be a good communication between you and your team to avoid any confusion and hassle. You can get your desired custom trade show displays by working in cohesion with your appointed team. Here are certain things to take care of:

Payment deadlines

The rental booth displays might be a bit out of the budget thing for the small companies. Make sure to properly read and keep in mind the terms and conditions laid down by the rental company. Take a good look at the payment deadlines. As failure of this would result in mounting up of your bill and would cost you a lot more.

Trade Show Display

The cost

Make sure that you have a clear conversation with your team regarding the money that you will have to pay to them. Some companies tell you about the cost of only the booth and not about the additional fee charges. This result in disappointment later and ruins the relationship between you and your team. So, make sure to have a clear deal over all the fees to be paid.

A reputable builder

You need to keep a low budget, but at the same time, you need to keep in mind that a poor work by an inexperienced craftsman would be of no use to you. It would demand a repair after every week. Therefore, look out for a reputed and an experienced company that would assist you with the best work.

Apt size

You need not go for a booth larger than what you require. A larger booth would demand more rent and more budget for its maintenance. So, know your needs and chose accordingly. A smaller booth than required would not be apt if you have more products for display. So, chose the right one according to your needs.

Design and graphics

You must clarify the kind o graphics and creativity that you desire on your booth. The display must be captivating, distinctive and practical. You can easily customize it according to your desire.


Renting doesn’t cost you any storage fee. As the booth is now owned by the exhibitor, so, there isn’t any fee for the storage or for any space which the booth or the crates take on the floor. Most renting companies tend to change their display strategy for every show and therefore, most renting exhibitors are involved in their marketing.


Renting your display booth is a great way to save a lot of money and get the customized design of your desire. Therefore, don’t wait and get your own desired customized booth for display now.