Things to Know Before Buying Blackout Shades

If you bought a new home or are looking at renovating one, you should probably pay attention to what kind of curtains or drapes you want for your windows. Nowadays, blackout shades are in fashion. Blackout shades are dark coverings which provide required privacy for your room as well as provide darkness when needed to your home. With advancements in technology, today we also get automatic shades which open and close on command or by pressing a button. If you are looking for blackout shades, start by taking a look at automatic outdoor blackout shades for something new and exciting for your home.

Block extra light

Blackout shades are made in such a way that they can convert a bright sunlight lit room to a very dark one by reducing incoming light. It is especially recommended for bedrooms, home theatres, or spaces that need complete darkness such as labs or darkrooms in medical institutions and colleges. 

Reduce noise

Although blackout shades cannot completely suppress outside noise, they can greatly minimise it.  Go for blackout honeycomb cellular shades which have thicker materials that help absorb and dampen outside noise from entering the room. Layer on additional curtains for a greater dampening effect.

Improves energy efficiency

By reducing the amount of sunshine and UV rays that penetrate the building, blackout curtains, shades, and blinds all help you save money on electricity. Furthermore, they protect furniture and surfaces from sun damage and fading, extending the life of these high-priced products. Further, these blackout shades help you in privacy as it is impossible to see through from outside.

You can also convert existing ones into blackout shades. By using blackout liners and either suspending them on a double rod or clipping them upon an existing rod, you can make your own room darkening curtains. White liners are available for your windows, giving them a unified appearance from the driveway. Blackout shades, particularly on smaller windows, are another excellent choice for blocking light. For light-blocking purposes, use an inside mount with side channels, or use outside mounting to oversize your window covering for overlap.

Installation Instructions

Blackout curtains and fabrics are placed similarly to normal drapes and curtains. Measure a couple of inches outside the window pane on both sides to get the most out of their room-darkening qualities. 

There are so many blackout blinds and shades to choose from that it just comes down to personal preference. Choose window treatments with optimum light-blocking properties that will eliminate light openings, seams, and route holes. Another choice is to use a room-darkening liner, which can be sewn directly onto the face cloth or can work on its own. With so many options these days, finding the right blackout blinds & shades for your specific needs is easy.