How To Avoid Mistakes When Arranging A Flat? The Best Tips From London Interior Designers

Renovation and decorating a flat is both an exciting and a difficult moment. On the one hand, we have the opportunity to arrange a flat according to our own ideas, on the other - it may turn out that the process requires making many decisions that we may not feel up to. How to handle this task? Here are some tips from the top London interior designers.

Why is it so hard to arrange a flat?

When arranging our own home or flat, we have to face a sense of responsibility. It depends on us whether the interior is comfortable, whether it meets our and other household members' expectations and whether we are satisfied with the final result. The limited budget and time that most of us have will certainly not allow for many future interior revolutions. The choice of equipment and furnishings should, therefore, be well thought out. In addition to the paying attention to the quality of the used materials, we also need to make sure that they all work together and form a coherent wholesome interior that reflects our taste. Therefore, some tips from London interior designers may be very useful.

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Tip 1: The colours count

After making basic decisions regarding, for example, the type of floor, the time comes for smaller, but no less important decisions. The role of colours in the interior cannot be overestimated - skilfully chosen colours can emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings of the space, enlarge and brighten the interior, and introduce a specific mood to it. The basic division between warm and cold colours is not everything. The best London interior designers stress the fact, that each colour has its own shades - even white can surprise us. So let's not be guided only by personal preferences and prevailing trends – we should take a critical look at the interior and analyze it. The basic rule, that the warm colours make the interior seem smaller and cosier, and the cold ones "move away" objects and visually and enlarge the interior, works, as every rule, with some exceptions. Delicate, whitewashed grey, in fact, can enlarge a well-lit interior. The darker shade of the same colour applied in a small space, can, however, make it seem smaller.

Tip 2: Get inspired!

Experienced London interior designers know, that a well-designed interior is constituted by many elements that are arranged together in a harmonious way. Skilful colour combinations can be the key to success even in the simplest, minimalistic arrangements. Currently, many London interior designers meet the expectations of the clients and provide many visualizations on their websites. Thanks to this, we can see various designs and options for us to use in our interiors even if we decide not to hire an interior designer of our own. Thanks to this, we do not have to depend only on our own imagination. We can test various combinations and verify all ideas and assumptions. Solid preparation and well thought-out decisions - this is the key to getting satisfying results. However, if we feel like the project is too overwhelming, we can always decide to work with an expert, who can provide us with the best solutions.