Four Garage Door Repairing Tips

Your garage is extremely important, regardless of the way you decide to us it. Whether you park your car inside or you use it for storage or for your favorite hobbies, the garage should always be convenient, safe, and secure. In order to prevent burglars from intruding, you have to ensure that your garage is always in perfect shape. Unfortunately, many people overlook their garage doors, thus creating a major security breach, an access point for intruders of all kinds. While some garage door problems may need you to hire a professional technician, there are things you can cater to by yourself. Get the tools you need for the job at

Here are four tips to help you address some of the most common problems of a garage door.

1. You Can't Open Your Garage Door

A sudden power outage, while the garage door is closed, may lead to a failure the next time you try to open it. Before starting to make phone calls to find a technician to help you, there's one thing you can try to fix your door. Look at the door's guide track and search for a hanging cord with a red handle. This cord is connected to the garage door opener. Pull it and you'll be able to operate the door, in order to access your garage or to get your car out of it.


2. Your Garage Door Is Stuck

During the winter, your garage door may freeze. This is one of the most frequent problems garage owners need to deal with when cool temperatures strike. Once it freezes, the garage door becomes stiff and it needs additional power to move. You can troubleshoot this problem by simply adjusting the pressure settings. More often than not, this makes your garage door operate smoothly again.

3. Your Garage Door Starts to Sag

As they become older, most garage doors start to sag. Wooden ones are especially prone to sagging. This may prevent them from operating as smoothly as they once did. You can try to address this problem by squaring the door up using the tension rods on the interior side of the door.

4. Your Garage Door Lock Doesn't Work

The locks are another problem most garage owners experience. When the lock shifts in position, it affects the smooth operation of the door. This is easy to fix by yourself. Start by unscrewing the guide brackets at the edges of the door. Then, reposition them to align the locking bars with their corresponding slots. Lubricate the mechanism with a drop of machine oil and you're all set.