African American Poetry (1870-1927): A Digital Anthology

Clarissa Scott Delany, Biographical Note, Caroling Dusk (1927)

“I was born at Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, in the Twentieth Century, and spent my early years in what is known as the 'Black Belt.' This was followed by seven years in New England (1916-1923), three at Bradford Academy, and four at Wellesley College, where my southern blood became tinged with something of the austerity of that section. Three years of teaching in the Dunbar High School of Washington, D. C., convinced me that though the children were interesting, teaching was not my metier. In the fall of 1926 I was married. Since completing a study of Delinquency and Neglect among Negro children in New York City, my career has been that of a wife, and as careers go, that is an interesting and absorbing one."