African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

"Opportunity": Partial Index of poems published by year (1924-1927)


Lewis Alexander, Africa, May
Gwendolyn B. Bennett, Wind, November
Countee Cullen, Brown Boy to Brown Girl, September
---I Have a Rendezvous with Life, January
---A Song in Praise, September
Paul Laurence Dunbar, The Right to Die, June (frontispiece)
Angelina Weld Grimke, Dusk, April
---I Weep, July
---Little Grey Dreams, January
Langston Hughes, Our Land, May
---The White ones, March
Claude McKay, Africa, May
Esther Popel, Kinship, December
Eloise Bibb Thompson, After Reading Bryant's Lines to a Waterfowl, March


Lewis Alexander, Japanese Hokku, September
Sterling Allen, Fall of the year, November
Gendolyn B. Bennett, On a Birthday, September
---Purgation, February
Arna Bontemps, Blight, August
---God Give to Men, June
Carrie Williams Clifford, Brothers, December
Joseph S. Cotter, The Wayside Well Joy, may
---A Babe is a Babe, December
Countee Cullen, From Life to Love, January
---In Spite of Death, July
---To One Who Said Me Nay, May
---Uncle Jim, July
---Words to My Love, July
Angelina Weld Grimke, Death, March
---For the Candlelight, September
Frank Horne, On Seeing Two Brown Boys in a Catholic Church, December
---Langston Hughes, America, June
---Liars, march
---Troubled Woman, February
---The Weary Blues, May
---The Jester, December
Georgia Douglas Johnson, Old Black Man, November
---The Riddle, August
---My Race, July
---The Black Runner, September
Helene Johnson, Trees at Night, Mahy
---My Race, June
Alice Dunbar Nelson, Of Old St. Augustine, July
Bruce Nugent, Shadow, October
Esther Popel, Credo, January
---Kinship, January
---Theft, April
---Little Grey Leaves, September


Lewis Alexander, Negro Woman, April
Gwendolyn B. Bennett, Hatred, June
---Lines Written at the Grave of Alexander Dumas, July
---Song, October
---Street Lamps in Early Spring, May
Arna Bontemps, The Day Breakers, February
---Golgotha is a Mountain, June
---Here is the Sea, January
---Homing, February
---The Shattering, march
---The Sound of the Forge, October
Joseph Cotter, The Tragedy of Pete, July
Countee Cullen, Confession, July
---Lines to Certain of One's Elders, June
---Love in Ruins, May
---Sonne to a Scornful lady, August
Waring Cuney, No Images, June
Langston Hughes, Bound North Blues, October
---Down and Out, October
---Hard Luck, October
---Lonesome Place, october
---Love Song for Lucinda, May
---Misery, October
---Teacher, May
---To Midnight Nan at Leroy's, January
Georgia Douglas Johnson, Lethe, July
Helene Johnson, Fulfillmen, June
---Futility, August
---Metamorphism, march
---Mother, September,
---Night, January
---The Road, July
Claude McKay, America in Retrospect, November
---Desolate, November
---My House, November
Edward Silvera, On the Death of a Young Friend, December
George Sterling, The Dark Nation, December
Wallace Thurman, God's Edict, July
---The Last Citadel, April
Lucy Ariel Williams, Northboun', June


Lewis Alexander, Transformation, November
--- Day and Night, December
Gwendolyn B. Bennett, To a Dark Girl, October
Arna Bontemps, The Return, July
Sterling Brown, When De Saints Go Ma'ching Home, July
Anita Scott Coleman, Definition, November
---Wash Day, April
Countee Cullen, A Thorn Forever in the Bread, August
Waring Cuney, A Triviality, November
--- Interior Decoration, August
Langston Hughes, Day March
---For an Indian Screen, March
---I Thought It Was Tangiers I Wnated, December
---Lincoln Monument (Washington), March
---Mona, June
---Passing Love, March
Helene Johnson, Summer Matures, July
James Edward McCall, The New Negro, July
Edward Silvera, Consolation, June