Decoding the Myths of Asa Packer, 1805?-1879


In general, Asa Packer seems to align with the Victorian Era’s picture of the ideal man. However, it also reflects the inconsistencies of the time period, During the Victorian Era, people tended to place a lot of importance on how they presented themselves to others, making sure that they lived a respectable life. In relation to Packer, it is difficult to decipher if he was genuinely the religious, moral, and humble man he is remembered to be, or if his moral authority is assumed by his social status.

Throughout this digital exhibit, we try to answer these questions with facts concerning Asa Packer, but unfortunately, there are so few of these in existence that pertain to his personal life. However, by placing Packer within the historical context of Victorian America, we are able to discuss his personal life more completely, and offer ideas and speculate more about the mysterious Asa Packer.

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