Sara Jeannette Duncan/Lily Lewis Archive

A Canadian Anglomaniac (Washington Post, August 30 1885)

Duncan posits Canadian identity as superior to American identity, as she believes Canadian identity is unique without trying to hard to deny its Englishness, which American identity is based in. She pokes fun at American “grand tourists” who come down with “Anglo-mania” after travelling abroad and face backlash. She depicts the “English gentleman” as a bit uninteresting but hardly worth the vitriol of millions of people. She speaks about “Lady Granville Gordon”, who rejects her aristocratic heritage to open a bonnet shop, along with many other upper class individuals who embrace an American sort of capitalism. Duncan (humorously) compares herself to English female counterparts, pointing out the “inferiorities” of Canadian women which, in actuality, make them superior (gossiping less, having good sense, detesting small talk, etc).

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