African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

H. Cordelia Ray, "Evening Prayer" (1910)

Father of Love!
We leave our souls with Thee!
Oh! may Thy Holy Spirit to us be
A peaceful Dove!

Now when day's strife
And bitterness are o'er,
Oh! in our hearts all bruisèd gently pour
The dew of life.

So as the rose—
Though fading on the stem—
Awakes to blush when morning's lustrous gem
Upon it glows;—

May we awake,
Soothed by Thy priceless balm,
To chant with grateful hearts our morning psalm,
And blessings take.
Or let it be,

That where the palm trees rise,
And crystal streams flow, we uplift our eyes
To Thee!—to Thee!

Published in H. Cordelia Ray, Poems, 1910
Also published in The Upward Path1920

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