African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Jessie Fauset, Biographical Note in "Caroling Dusk" (1927)

"PHILADELPHIA where I was born and educated was once the dear delight of my heart. But everything in my life has contrived to pull me away from it. First I travelled to Cornell University and came back with a Phi Beta Kappa key and a degree of Bachelor of Arts. That launched me. Since then I've seen England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Algeria. The College de France and the Alliance Francaise have given me some points on the difference between the French of Stratford-atte-Bowe and that of Paris. And there was a pleasant year too at the University of Pennsylvania when I renewed my acquaintance with Philadelphia and earned a Master's Degree. So much for education.

As to occupations I've taught Latin and French in the Dunbar High School in Washington, D. C. And served as Literary Editor on The Crisis in New York. Wonderful days those! Now I'm teaching French again in the City of New York which at present claims my love and allegiance. Like the French I am fond of dancing, and adore cards and the theatre probably because I am a minister's daughter. All my life I have wanted to write novels and have had one published. But usually, in spite of myself, I have scribbled poetry. ... I should like to see the West Indies, South America and Tunis and live a long time on the French Riviera. Aside from this I have few desires. And I find life perpetually enchanting.”

Published in Caroling Dusk1927

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