African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Joseph S. Cotter, Sr. "Tuskegee" (1909)

 Tuskegee blazes in the nation's eye; 
 Tuskegee lifts plain labor to the sky; 
 Tuskegee grounds and towers prosperity. 
 Tuskegee started as an uncouth name; 
 Tuskegee stood a race's scorching blame; 
 Tuskegee leads that race to deathless fame. 
 Tuskegee sees the merit in a clod; 
 Tuskegee meets false worth with spur and rod; 
 Tuskegee lifts the Negro nearer God. 
 Tuskegee trains the hand to train the head; 
 Tuskegee lives the laws the ancients read ; 
 Tuskegee saves the living that are dead. 
 Tuskegee wins all foemen, one by one; 
 Tuskegee stars the work that is begun; 
 Tuskegee's other name is Washington! 

Published in Joseph S. Cotter, "A White Song and a Black One" (1909)

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