African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Julius C. Wright, "Tuskegee" (1906)


 Though small in population 
 In our Southern land, 
 Tuskegee stands up for herself 
 In the education band. 
 She holds her noted institutes 
 For both her white and black; 
 When all the towns are boasting, 
 Tuskegee is in the pack. 
 Let her stand the pride of the South 
 In these progressive years; 
 Let all of her people gladly talk 
 Of the noble name she bears. 
 Hurrah! Hurrah! Tuskegee, 
 Where education lies! 
 Of all the rulers and noble men, 
 Tuskegee has caught their eyes. 
 She has sent out her noble ones 
 To spread her fame abroad. 
 To tell of her noble work 
 In the South, and her reward. 
 Among the smart, noble workers, 
 You will find her competent sons, 
 Teaching and showing the noble work 
 That great Tuskege'se done. 

 Long may she survive, 
 Her sons and daughters live. 
 That they teach the useful things 
 That noble Tuskegee gives. 

Published in Julius C. Wright, Poetic Diamonds, 1906

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