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Yuji Ichioka (1936-2002)

Yuji Ichioka (1936-2002) was an Asian American historian from Berkeley, California. As a child he and his family were interned at a Japanese internment camp. Ichioka completed a Bachelors' degree at Columbia University and an M.A. at UC-Berkeley.

Ichioka is widely credited with coining the term "Asian American" in 1968. With Emma Gee, he co-founded the Asian American Political Alliance in the summer of 1968. The AAPA was involved in the students strikes at San Francisco State College and UC-Berkeley in 1968 and 1969. 

Ichioka also taught the first course in Asian American studies at UCLA, and is recognized as a co-founder of the Asian American Studies Center created at UCLA in 1969. Over the course of his career, Ichioka published several influential books of Japanese American history. 

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