Asian American Little Magazines 1968-1974: By Amardeep Singh

Aiiieeeee! An Anthology of Asian-American Writers (1974)

Aiiieeeee! An Anthology of Asian-American Writers is a literary anthology published in 1974, edited by Frank Chin, Jeffery Paul Chan, Lawson Fusao Inada, and Shawn Wong. While the anthology was published by Howard University Press (based in Washington DC), the editors share the west coast emphasis of other publications in the Asian American movement. All four editors have Bay Area roots. Jeffrey Paul Chan taught for many years at San Francisco State University (formerly San Francisco State College); Shawn Wong did his undergraduate work at UC-Berkeley (where he graduated in 1971); Lawson Inada was born in Fresno (and later lived and taught in Oregon; Frank Chin was born and raised in Berkeley and Oakland. 

Though problematic in many ways, the volume is widely understood by scholars as a breakthrough in terms of its scope and ambition. It contains writings by Carlos Bulosan, Diana Chang, Louis Chu, Momoko Iko, Wallace Lin, Toshio Mori, John Okada, Oscar Penaranda, Sam Tagatac, Hisaye Yamamoto, and Wakako Yamauchi. It contains two substantial introductory essays, one focused on Japanese- and Chinese-American experiences, and one focused on Filipino-American literature. 

One of the features of the anthology that seem especially problematic today is the all-male group of editors and the predominance of male authors in the selections included in the work. 

The volume was subsequently reprinted as The Big Aiiieeeee! in 1991, with a substantially different arrangement of authors. (The Big Aiiieeeee! expands its coverage of Japanese American and Chinese American authors, and eliminates coverage of Filipino American writers.)

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Asian-American Writers: We Are Not New Here

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