Asian American Little Magazines 1968-1974: By Amardeep Singh

Bridge 1.4 (March/April 1972)

"Magazine of Asians in America"

Editorial: When Things Chinese Are In. Unsigned Editorial responding to the general tenor of the time -- the change in attitudes around China that seemed to be in the air after Nixon's visit, and the implications of that for Chinese Americans. An excerpt:

"We, too, as Chinese-Americans, might consider ourselves part of this American Public. We read the American Public Newspapers, listen to the American Public Radio, and relax ourselves in front of the great American Public Television set. And when we see Charlie Chan and his Number One Son bungling around on the set, what do we feel? When, in a recent television commercial for a men's hair spray, the tall blonge Handsome loses the ping-pong match (to an Asian, of course), but suavely walks away with an Asian girlfriend, how do we feel? When the People's Republic of china is admitted to the United Nations and a reporter comes down to interview a woman who works fourteen hours in a Chinatown garment factory, what can she say? And when the United States Government rounded up all Americans of Japanese descent and sent them off to concentration camps, what did we do?" (3)

China Through Less Slanted American Eyes: Impact of Nixon's Trip on the Media

Nixon's Visit to China: An Evaluation, by C.N. Yang

Learning in Chinatown: A Panel Discussion by Teachers in Chinatown. "Many teachers feel that their students are of a lower class... that they're coming to do something good for us."

Asia Through American Eyes: A Discussion of the Asian Image in American Schools and Public Media, by Richard Sorich

Chinese in the United States: A View from Peking

Why Suzie Wong Won't Date the Paragon of Family Virtue: A Study of Dating Habits of Chinese American Youths

Book Review: A review of "American and Chinese" by Francis L.K. Hsu. Review by Robin Wu.

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