Asian American Little Magazines 1968-1974: By Amardeep Singh

Amerasia Journal 1.2 (July, 1971)

"Amerasia Journal is a quarterly publication of the Yale Asian American Students Association."

Issue contains an advertisement for Bridge: the Asian American Magazine.

Annotated Table of Contents
The issue contains an advertisement for a new journal in New York City: Bridge: the Asian-American Magazine: 

From China we have tossed across a wondrous sea
If not ourselves, our forefathers
And landed in this foreign world
Where we have found a joke
A pilgrim who stays and eats in the house
Becomes not one of the family 
one day he has to pack his bags
And where does he go from here? 
--Yvonne Lai (student)

"Culturally I will always be a Chinese." 
--Fred Wu (statistician)

"I feel like a schizophrenic." 
--Siu Mann Chinn (student)

"We are confronted with a growing with a growing amount of work in being alert for Chinese-Americans and others in this country who would assist Red China in supplying needed material for promoting Red Chinese propaganda." 
--J. Edgar Hoover (Director, FBI)

"I am a Chinese and I am an American. I'm proud to be both."
--Helen Lee (graphic designer)

When Cultures collide, the cost of human adjustment is often high. Acculturation has confused our identity. We have been stereotyped by the white society and many of us have internalized these false images. 


We know that many of you share our concern. The idea for Bridge Magazine came about because we believe in an objective and collective effort to seek solutions. We do not have the answer, nor do we pretend to have it, but we believe that through nation-wide presentation of the pressing issues, we can stimulate involvement and interaction. Together we can explore the problems and find the solutions. 

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