The Kiplings and India: A Collection of Writings from British India, 1870-1900

Works by the Kiplings

Here we are publishing digital editions of works by the Kipling family.

We started with two early works that were entirely collaborative, Echoes and Quartette. Echoes (1884) was a joint effort between Rudyard Kipling and Alice Kipling. Quartette (1885) was a joint effort including all four Kiplings -- Rudyard Kipling, Alice Kipling Fleming, Lockwood Kipling, and Alice MacDonald Kipling. 

We have also done a digital edition of Plain Tales from the Hills that emphasizes its status as a collaborative effort between Rudyard Kipling and Alice Kipling. As the "Plain Tales" were first published in the Civil and Military Gazette in 1887, they were published as unsigned stories. Some of these stories, we know, were authored by Alice Kipling. Later, Rudyard Kipling would republish a selection of the stories under his own signature; this would be his first solo-authored collection of fiction. 

We have also produced a digital edition of Rudyard Kipling's Departmental Ditties (1886). 

In the near future we hope to add further works by Rudyard Kipling, Alice Kipling Fleming, and Lockwood Kipling. 


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