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"The Bluest Eye": Map and Data


The map above uses Voyant Tools' "Dreamscape" tool; it is generated by machine learning tools that are trained to recognize locations when they are mentioned in a text. Some of the locations generated by the geo-location software in Dreamscape may not be strictly accurate (for example, the "Broadway" in Morrison's Lorain, Ohio might be misinterpreted by the software as Broadway in New York City).

One surprise in the map above might be the sense that southern locations are more pervasive than northern & midwestern locations. The south is important in the novel as a point of origin for all of the families in the novel (the MacTeers, the Breedloves, and Geraldine and Junior), but none of the present action of the text is set there. Still, the map above should hopefully show the important midwestern locations in The Bluest Eye, along with the overall trajectory out of and away from the deep south that is described in the novel. 


The Bluest Eye has 52,444 total words and 6,469 unique word forms. 

Vocabulary Density: 0.123
Average Words Per Sentence: 11.6
Most frequent words in the corpus: like (204); eyes (188); don’t (149); cholly (141); know (140)

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