African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Ethel Caution-Davis (Ethel M. Caution), "To..." (1927)

Editor's Note: This poem won third prize in the 1927 poetry competition in The Crisis. 


By Ethel M. Caution

Out of the hush of night,
Out of the sob of morn,
Out of the sigh of noon,
Thy soul was born.

Part of the gentle tears
That dim fair April’s eyes,
Part of the gladsome smiles
That warm her skies;

Grace of the violet shy,
Fragrance of new-born rose,
Beauty of every flower
That woodland grows;

Softness of mild May winds,
Sweetness of days in June;
Lilt from a melody
Of heavenly tune;

Out of the ages past,
Out of the years to be;
Out of his vast unknown
God fashioned thee.

Published in The Crisis, December 1927

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