African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Priscilla Jane Thompson, "Adieu, Adieu. Forever" (1907)


ADIEU, YOU haughty maiden!
Proud Lydia, adieu;
I will not tarry longer at your side;
My heart now heavy-laden,
With sorrows made by you,
Never more shall thrall me or satiate your pride;
Adieu, adieu, forever.

Adieu, you dusky maiden,
You crafty prude, adieu!
No more the sport of narrow mind I'll be;
Ne'er shall my heart awaken,
To love strains, played by you,
I spurn you from my heart, for a maid of small degree;
Adieu, adieu, forever.

Adieu, you heartless trifle!
To dally with my love,
When I humbly laid my whole heart, at your feet;
My very soul you'd rifle,
Your vain heart you did prove;
Henceforth, for nobler maidens, this outraged heart will seek,
Adieu, adieu, forever.

Published in Gleanings of Quiet Hours, 1907

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