African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Priscilla Jane Thompson, "An Unromantic Awakening" (1900)


I FELL asleep, and had a dream—
   Which even now, doth linger near;
Methought, that in my arms, I held,
   One who to me, is very dear;
I drank her warm breath rapt'ously,
   As her soft arms my neck entwined—
She pressed a kiss— it was too much!
   I woke in trembling joy divine.

It was too much, indeed, for me;
   What were my feelings, when I found—
The certainty of my fair love,
   Was, cuddling in my lap, my hound?
I rose and dashed him savagely
   Upon the ground, with one sound kick—
And as my slumb'ring sense returned,
   I saw him marching, double quick.

Published in Ethiope Lays, 1900

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