African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

James H. Young, "Dream Lady" (1927)

James H. Young
O lady of my dreams—
In love’s garden I found you,
While stars above us shone and
Lit our way to love.
We wandered in the night among
The shadowy trees and dewy scented
Embossed in silver moonlight.
The shadows hid us as we
Plighted our troth and as loving
We did vow eternal faith.
Then we were as precious gems
Deeply set in
A beautiful setting, much as
The beauty of the black opal pierces
The world with laughing lustre
And yet remains serene in the black.
Lady of my dreams—in love’s garden
I found you, 
But with the coming of the morn—
The dawn,
Then my love I lost you—for
The moon was gone.

Published in Black Opals, Spring 1927

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