African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Mae V. Cowdery (Mae Cowdery), "Time" (1927)

I used to sit on a high green hill
And long for you to be like the clouds,
Soft and white..........
And you eyes be like heaven's blue
And your hair like the tree sifted sun..........
But then I was young, and my eyes yet
Round with wonder.
Now I site by an endless road and watch 
As you come..........swiftly like dusk
Your hair like a starless night
Your eyes like deep violet shadows,
And soft arms cradle me on your sweet
Brown breast..........for I have grown old
And my eyes hold unshed tears,
And my face is lean and hard in daylight's
Mocking glare.
But with the night
Dusk fingers and lips like dew
Erase each wound of time
And my eyes grow round with wonder 
At your beauty. 

Published in Black Opals, Christmas 1927 

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