African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Lewis Alexander, "Quatrains" (1927)

Lewis Alexander

The dawn has no tint of rose,
   Or seent of violet,
And noon brings no sweet repose
   To grapple with regret.

Who has taken the stars,
   Which gave a bashful light,
Between the age-worn scars
   Of the eternal night?

I am a humming sea shell,
   You are a boundless sea,
Your lovely lyric waters
   Flow on and under me.

Teday is the day of love,
   Tomorrow may not be,
So live our lives as we may
   And trust eternity.

Give me your stars to hold
   O sky of blue delight,
Your moon of laughter gold
   To diadem my night. 

Published in Black Opals, Spring 1927

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