African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Julius C. Wright, "Paul Laurence Dunbar" (1906)

 Give ample time and ample space 
 To mention the greatest poet of the race. 
 With his poetic talent no joys to mar. 
 We praise the noble Paul Lawrence Dunbar. 
 Proud of a man with a boon like him. 
 Once stricken with poverty, but infinite vim^ 
 Proud of our poet and the work he has done, 
 Now upon human hearts like diamonds in the sun, 
 His writings have covered his native land, 
 He wrote something to please every living man; 
 Over oceans deep in lands afar, 
 They read the books of Paul Lawrence Dunbar. 
 Dropped from his pen, caught like a whirl. 
 The poems of Dunbar have covered the world. 
 Loved his talent, and the world did show, 
 Like the faithful Paul of long ago. 
 Plucked from nature's woes 
 By the hands of the monster death 
 Our poet went 
 His pen winds no more in his feeble hand, 
 But we hope he has joined the heavenly band 
 For which he was sent. 

Published in Julius C. Wright, Poetic Pearls, 1906

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