African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Charlotte E. Linden, "Paul Laurence Dunbar" (1907)

 One of our race's great lights has gone out to the world, 
 No more he will flourish his pen with a whirl, 
 As a poet he'll live and shine like a star, 
 In the hearts of his race, Paul Laurence Dunbar. 
 Yes, he has answered the call that comes to us all. 
 Only young, it is true, but his life's work is done. 
 Though his name will live and shine like the sun. 
 As though his life had just begun. Our noted Paul Laurence Dunbar. 
 Is he missed, yes he's missed in the hearts of his friends. 
 And that mother that loved and watched o'er him to the end. 
 Is sad and heart-broken that you may depend. 
 When she thinks of Paul Laurence Dunbar. 
 Our Savior that cares for the beast and the birds, 
 Will tenderly care for that mother on earth, 
 That has brought such a treasure to the credit of her race. 
 As our noble, Paul Laurence Dunbar. 
 Now when he is laid in his last resting place. 
 And followed with sad hearts, bathed in tears. 
 It will long be remembered, years upon years. 
 The death of Paul Laurence Dunbar. 
 Springfield, Ohio, February 14, 1906. 

Published in Charlotte Linden, Scraps of Time, 1907

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