African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Charlotte E. Linden, "Our Noble Booker T. Washington" (1907)

 The greatest self-made man in the world today 
 Is one of our race, I am proud to say; 
 Not a giant in stature, nor robust in size, 
 But with brain and ambition he is noble and wise, 
 Our noted Booker T. Washington. 
 By his great example and influence as well 
 He has brought the world to acknowledge him; 
 His noble ability, his manhood and pride, 
 With pluck and ambition also applied. 
 Our noble Booker T. Washington. 
Now today we applaud his great name with loud cheers, 
 In churches and halls and in Congress it appears 
 As well as in the schoolroom and our firesides so dear, 
 To the credit of our race we handle with care 
 The name of Booker T.Washington. 
 We must always remember and should not forget 
 The poor little slave boy with just mother to pet, 
 He struggled through life with discouragements, yet 
 Determined abundance of knowledge to get, 
 Our honorable Booker T. Washington. 
 Every mother in this country should teach her child 
 That with pluck and ambition, through hardships and trial, 
 And with strong determination and well made-up mind, 
 Through hard work and patience he can be in time 
 The equal of Booker T. Washington. 

Published in Charlotte Linden, Scraps of Time, 1907

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