African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Louise Cass Evans, "Booker Washington" (1908)

How more than brave and passing wise ,
   He holds his majesty of place!
   No cringing coward of craven fears :
His eye is clear; his vision lies
   Beyond the prejudice of race
   Beyond the surface of the years .

Strong prophet of the Ethiop
   A modern Moses come to lead
   A people into broader ways ;
His steps are through the Gates of Hope
   His life conforms unto their need
   By virtue of telestic days.

And be thy prayer, oh dusky race,
   A prayer that ye may follow him,
   And stand where he would have ye stand!
That ye may tread the master's pace,
   And through rough places, gray and dim,
   Emerge into the Promised Land!

Published in Colored American Magazine, January 1908

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