African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Langston Hughes, "Poem ["We Have Tomorrow..."]" (1926)

[Editor's Note: A slightly different version of the poem is published as "Youth" in The New Negro: an Interpretation

1926 version (The Weary Blues): 

We have tomorrow 
Bright before us
Like a flame.

A night-gone thing,
A sun-down name.

And dawn-today
Broad arch above the road we came.

1925 Version (Survey Graphic): 

We have to-morrow
Bright before us
Like a flame

Yesterday, a night-gone thing
A sun-down name
And dawn to-day

Broad arch above the road we came,
We march!

Publishedin The Crisis [check date] 
Also published in Survey Graphic, March 1925
Also published in The New Negro: an Interpretation, 1925
Published in The Weary Blues, 1926

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