African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Carrie Law Morgan Figgs, "The Negro's Upward Flight" (1921)


 As the eagle soars skyward 
  Each day in her flight 
 The Negro soars upward 
  From darkness to light. 

 He has flown from his cabin 
  His banjo and pranks 
 To position and honor 
  To title and rank. 
 His brother in white 
  Is no longer his peer 
 He is the equal of any man 
  Found anywhere. 
 He left slavery's shore 
  And for knowledge he sought 
 Today he is a giant 
  In the city of thought. 
 He is not begging for favors 
  Along so called social lines 
 He wants equal rights 
  For this only, he pines. 
 He's a citizen in peace 
  He is a soldier in the war's din 
 But he asks for the treatment 
  That is given to other men. 

Published in Nuggets of Gold, 1921

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