African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Robert H. Bonner, Jr, "A New Day" (1928)

By Rosert H. Bonner, Jr.

Out of the dust, out of the dirt and dust, 
Came in the night, came in the darkest of nights,
Being with beast, being as beast.
Love to beast, love by beast.
Night—a whip, a chain, a ship, more whip. 
To the land of the free, to the free land. 
Existing with beast, existing like beast.
Hatred to beast, hated by beast.
Dawn—a war, a peace, a freedom, more wars. 
To be free, yet not to have freedom.
Living with beast, living as beast.
Scorn at beast, scorned by beast.
Day—the New Negro.

Published in Opportunity, February 1928

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