African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

J. Alpheus Butler, "A Traveller" (1928)

A Traveller
By J. Alpheus Butler

THE folks are awaiting and I must go
The doors behind are locked; the driver waits.
Anticipation begins and murmurs low
Come swelling up to me from behind the gates.
The horses are poised as if to make a plunge
The groom stands ready who cared for them.
All hearts are tuned for journeying: the joyous lunge
Into the twinkling town where dwells Meristem
We pass into the distance and fade away
Travellers in Time, who despite our cares and woes
Promise to return some later, fairer day
When fewer vexations cross our path; who knows’
Our ways are strewn with many an unknown turn
And only he who goes along may learn.

Published in Opportunity, September 1928

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