African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Leslie Pinckney Hill, "Voyaging" (1923)

However hard the winds may blow,
However strong the tides may flow,
Though lightning flash and thunders peal,
We trust the Master at the wheel.

Driven by storms to veer and tack,
He never turns the good ship back,
But rights her heel, and evermore
Fares forward to the distant shore.

Poor children of the human race,
Far voyaging through time and space,
How hard beset, how driven wide
On angry seas by wind and tide!

But high above the streaming years
The faithful lodestar Truth appears,
And thitherwards through tempests still
Trembles the compass of Good-will.

Faith in the Master, and mankind
Some day beyond the flood will find,
When dark and wind and peril cease,
The shining harbor shores of Peace. 

Published in Opportunity, April 1923

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