African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Anne Spencer, "Rime For the Christmas Baby" (1927)

Rime For The Christmas Baby
(At 48 Webster Place, Orange)
By Anne Spencer

Dear Bess,
He'll have rings and linen things,
And others made of silk;
There'll be toys like other boys’
And cream upon his milk; 
True, some sort of merit in a mart
Where goods are sold for money,
But packed with comfort is the heart
That shares with you what's funny;
So please kiss him when he’s very bad
And laugh with him in gladness,—
Life is too long a way to go,
And age will bring him sadness . . .
Pray you for unceasing springs,
Swelling deep in pard’n,
That into twin lives may grow
Time’s unfading garden.

Published in Opportunity, December 1927

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