African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Raymond Garfield Dandridge, "Awake" (1917)

 Awake, my sleeping Ethiopia; 
 Proclaim inheritance thine own ! 
 Fan thy smold'ring embers 
 Into quick'ning flame, to rid the dross 
 And purify thy better self. 
 Ever onward mighty millions 
 Mount, yon elevated plane ! 
 Within thyself, thou hast 
 The power to rise, and risen 
 Stand ! in union firm. 
 Behold! fullfilment of His promise; 
 Thy- "Triumphant Star" ascendeth in the sky. 
 The Ermine, Crown and Sceptre are awaiting 
 Thy "Coronation Day" is drawing nigh. 

Published in Penciled Poems, 1917

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