African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Mattie Mae Stafford, "Ode to the Brotherhood" (1927)

Ode to the Brotherhood

By Mattie Mae Stafford

We stand for truth and right
We're in to win the fight;
God is our King.
He loves humanity
And will us liberty.
He guides us on our way
Both night and day.

We are an army strong;
We fight for right, not wrong.
God lead us on.
We'll march to victory;
Truth is our sword and shield.
Let come what will or may,
We're not dismayed.

Truth, right and love will stand
The test in any land;
God rules on high.
So valiant soldiers brave,
Triumphant, pave the way.
To arm, the sword unsheathe
For liberty.

Published in The Messenger, January 1927

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