African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Olivia Ward Bush-Banks, "The Great Adventure" (1923)

Down thro' the open windows of my soul
Pours the changing glory of a Setting Sun,
And rays, all crimson, gold and violet,
Play with Aeolian sweetness across Life's Memories,
Commingling, blending into Haunting Melodies
Of the Hours that I have known
In this Life's passing Day.
And, after crimson, gold and violet
Give place to Twilight, soft and soothing Twilight,
Lo, to my waiting soul
Comes down the calm of Night,
The closing of the Day,
The promised Hour of Rest.

And then? behold! 'tis Morn!
Freshness and fragrance everywhere!
Out of the open windows of my soul, I gaze
Upon the glistening Dew-drops of Assurance,
Foretelling the endlessness of immortality.
Around me and beyond, are fairest fields
Of rich Fulfillment,
Above, plane after plane of rare Attainment.
My dreams have ripened into blest Realities,
Here in the long-looked-for Realm
Of Life Supreme.

Published in The Messenger, October 1923

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