African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Ann Lawrence, "Roses and Thorns" (1928)

Roses and Thorns

By Ann Lawrence 

The thorns in love's garden
     How they do stick !
As we gather the roses
     The thorns will prick.

All roses have thorns
     Some have only one.
It pricks ! in a moment
     The hurt is done.

Oft' the rose we have given
     The most tender care
Will bid us know
     The thorn is there.

Roses and thorns grow
     Not far apart,
They each have a place
     In the human heart.

Then know while inhaling
     Its fragrance at morn;
Though sweet, and I love you,
     A rose has a thorn.

Published in The Messenger, April 1928

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