African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Ann Lawrence (Ann Lawrence-Lucas), "The Messenger" (1924)

"The Messenger"

We are the Messenger,
Our message brings you cheer ;
Faint not, the goal's in sight,
Your Victory is near.

Our message brings you hope,
The blue is in your skies,
Take courage, Ethiopia's Sons,
Your star is yet to rise.

Our message brings you Joy,
Forget the bitter sorrow
Of Slavery's taint of yesterday,
For Lo! There is-Tomorrow.

Our message comes in answer
To "Their" call of long ago,
For Freedom and Intelligence,
To down the wicked foe.

Our message is your reaping,
Oppression's sway must cease.
Intelligence is our passport
To Equal rights and peace. 

Published in The Messenger, March 1924

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