African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Carrie Williams Clifford, "Marching to Conquest" (1911)

We are battling for the right with purpose strong and true; 
'Tis a mighty struggle, but we've pledged to dare and do; 
Pledged to conquer evil and we'll see the conflict thro' 
Marching and marching to conquest. 

All the noble things of life we'll teach our girls and boys, 
Warn them of its pitfalls and reveal its purest joys, 
Counsel, guide and keep them from the evil that destroys 
As we go marching to conquest. 

Loving confidence and trust must mark our intercourse, 
Harmony and unity will our success enforce ; 
Seeking guidance from the Lord of good, the boundless source, 
As we go marching to conquest. 

Come and join our anthem then and raise a mighty shout, 
Sing it with such fervor as will put our foes to rout, 
Sing it with conviction strong, dispelling every doubt, 
As we go marching to conquest. 

Women, when our work is o'er and we to rest have gone. 
May our efforts doubled, trebled, still go sweeping on. 
And the voices of millions swell the volume of our song. 
As they go marching to conquest. 

Chorus : 
Hurrah, hurrah, we'll shout the jubilee; 
Hurrah, hurrah, we'll set the captives free, 
Ignorance, distrust and hate at our approach shall flee. 
  Marching and marching to conquest. 

Published in Race Rhymes, 1911

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