African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

George Reginald Margetson, "Mary Evans Wilson (A Tribute)" (1928)

Speak kindly of her, who was kind to all,
   Whose genial presence is with us no more;
Far o'er the vale I hear her spirit call,
   And see the Ghost-ship speeding from the shore.
She spent her life in service to her kind,
   Inspiring Youth each worthwhile task to try,
Making them strong in body, firm in mind,
   And by example held their standard high.
Four-square and upright to the winds she stood,
   And nobly fought the problems of her Race;
Her kindly nature, sterling motherhood
   She gave-a heritage to Time and Place.
Her soul up-rising throws an earthward glance
And still we hear her call, "AdvanceI AdvanceI"

Published in Saturday Evening Quill, June 1928

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