African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Eloise A. Bibb, "Sonnet (To Dr. L.A. Martinet, editor of the New Orleans Crusader" (1895)

(To Dr. L. A. Martinet, editor of the New Orleans Crusader.)

O thou who never harbored fear.
Who ever scorned her visage drear,
Who loathes the name of cowardice,
Whose banner bears the orate device,
"For justice, I will give my life,
Though I should perish in the strife! "--
To thee, I sing my humble lay.
Posterity will see the day,
When thy exalted name shall stand
Immortalized by every land!
Be thou our beacon over-head,
Ay, lead us; blindly we will tread.
Until our dark sky is serene,
May thy unfailing light be seen.

Published in Poems (1895)

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