African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Alexander Seymour, "The Baby" (1927)

The Baby 

By Alexander Seymour 

Sweetest little t'ing on earth,
No one knows how much you's worth!– 
Though I know you's worth a lot– 
More than any other tot :
There's no baby anywhere
Is as sweet as you, my dear.

Dearest t'ing a body knows,
Sweeter than the sweetest rose
In the June-time, in the Spring,
Dearer than the dearest t'ing;
Matters not who else I see,
You's the clearest chil' to me.

Brightest, cutest little eyes
Lak the sun in Summer's skies ;
Cunnin' little moufe an' nose,
Teeth o' pearl, an' cheeks o' rose,–
Goodness lan's, you's so complete
It's no wonder you's so sweet!

Got a smile so deep an' broad,
An' yo' ways jes' one sweet chord;
Dearest, I mus' git you tol':
You is worth yo' weight in gol'!
Sell you! Not far any price!– 
You's too dear, too sweet, an' nice.

Published in The Messenger, March 1927

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