African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Daniel Webster Davis, "I Can Trust" (1895)

I Can Trust.
[Written for the YOUNG MEN'S FRIEND]

I can not see why trials come,
   And sorrows follow thick and fast;
I can not fathom His designs,
   Nor why my pleasures can not last,
Nor why my hopes so soon are dust,
      But, I can trust.

When darkest clouds my sky o'er hang,
   And sadness seems to fill the land,
I calmly trust His promise sweet,
   And cling to his ne'er failing hand,
And, in life's darkest hour, I'll just
      Look up and trust.

I know my life with Him is safe,
   And all things still must work for good
To those who love and serve our God,
   And lean on Him as children should,
Though hopes decay and turn to dust,
      I still will trust.

Published in Idle Moments, 1895
Also published in Colored American Magazine, 1901

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