African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Ralph W. Tyler, "The Negro Editor" (1908)

AS long as this race of ours shall live,
   With strident voice he will be singing
   Sweet songs of liberty, and bringing
To his people hope, that will give
   New life to each and all who may thirst,
   Or who would be men among the first.

Unappreciated, long have they fought,
   And valiantly for a cause that's dear
   To their long despised race, far and near,
And wonders have these heroes wrought
   With mighty pens, now tipped with love;
   Now invoking wrath of Him above .

Long after Right shall have obtained ,
   Aye, after his pens shall have gone to rust ,
   And mortal body mixed with the dust ,
May our memories live unstained
   The name of him who in peace or war
   Stood steadfast---the Negro Editor. 

Published in Colored American Magazine, February-March 1908

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