African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

William Stanley Braithwaite, "A Little World" (1901)

Dear one, when we are wed in happy bliss ,
   When cares and heart -aches from our lives are gone ,
No bitter strife will stoop our souls to kiss
   For peace from mated love will then be born .

A little world made up of you and I—
   We two a whole creation , soul and heart ,
Where I will be as sun in June's soft sky ,
   And thou the moon , our world's serener part .

And in our world of love will be no drouth ;
   The hours will be as flowers , fair and sweet ;
Kissed ever by soft breezes from the south
   Low-winnowed with bird songs for lovers meet .

Published in Colored American Magazine, September 1901

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