African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Hattie E. Wallace, "Winter's Shrouds" (1901)

THOUGH the day be dark and dreary
   In our journey on through life,
There will be a glorious sunset:
  "Peace must always follow strife."

When the Master sendeth sorrow,
   In his own time he'll bring joy;
Only wait the lovely morrow:
   "Gold's too soft without alloy."

When we frown o'er rainy weather,
   Roaring winds and winter's shrouds,
List! and hear the bright side whisper:
   "There's a rainbow in the clouds."

Cease from looking on the dark side;
   Look around, behold the bright,
And will find how many blessings
   Have been hidden from our sight.

Neither sorrowing nor complaining,
   Only wait the Master's will;
Hear his loving message saying:
   "Only trust, I'm with you still."

Lead us, Father, guide, protect us,
   As through life we blindly roam;
May we find, when toil is o'er,
Rest at last in Heaven -- our Home. 

Published in Colored American Magazine, January 1901

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